Challenge: Employees can now gain entry to a vast array of corporate, partner and Internet resources. Never before has access been so easy. Never before has everything - your corporate financial data, your corporate intellectual property, your employees' and customers' sensitive information - been so accessible.

Solution: Enforces corporate security policy compliance, protects enterprise resources from unauthorized access and makes it easier for legitimate users to do their jobs via Centralized policy management and Single Sign On

intiGrow's Offerings: intiGrow makes it practical and affordable for enterprises to quickly enjoy secure, controlled access across internal systems, trusted external organizations, web-based collaboration with Web Single Sign On Solutions (a part of Identity and Access Management Services for Web access management)


  • Distribute customer information across the enterprise, securely with data consistency and a unified view
  • Allow the customer to view their own data externally, and, on a limited basis, input or update information
  • Provide an easy to use implementation, whereby internal employees and external customers/partners only need to login once to allow access to data for which they are authorized
  • Provide an easy to use implementation that securely authenticates internal employees and external customers/partners, and at least enforces minimum security requirements for usernames and passwords
  • Provide a centralized account management system, both for internal employees and external customers/partners