Web services security

Challenge: The widespread growth of Web applications and the business value they deliver attracts hackers and cyber criminals to target Web-based applications to steal data, disrupt operations and infect clients. A number of Web services technologies, could be exploited by hackers to dig up secret information and attack systems.

Solution: A flexible web application firewall with policy-based web application security to address emerging threats at the application level.

intiGrow Offering: intiGrow's cryptographic Web Services brings unprecedented security, simplicity, and performance to SOA deployments with an easy to implement, standards-based solution that reduces the costs and time required to deliver robust protection to Web Services.


  • Deploying Web Services is accelerated and simplified, reducing implementation time from months to days
  • Standards-based Authentication and Access Control
  • Supports privacy, confidentiality, integrity, authentication, non-repudiation, and audit logging
  • High Return-On-Investment (ROI) driven by low management costs
  • Platform-independent interface means no cryptographic learning curve
  • Maximum Performance and Availability for Uninterrupted Business Processes