Vulnerability Assessment and Management

Challenge: The complexity of enterprises today provide myriad points of potential intrusion. Of these the most susceptible are external-facing web applications. Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated tools to create viruses, worms, root kits and other attacks

Solution: A vulnerability scanning strategy that aggressively addresses the core components of an organizations infrastructure is essential for maintaining the security compliance, the integrity of applications and files, and the ability to process and perform secure online transactions.

intiGrow Solution: intiGrow's Enterprise Vulnerability Scanning Service is tailored for specific purpose of Infrastructure Vulnerability scanning/assessment. The scans are performed using a web-based network evaluation and diagnostic platform, which provides a powerful and customizable means by which to locate and eliminate all points of potential compromise in your network components and operating environments. As a business analysis tool intiGrow's Enterprise scanning service identifies vulnerabilities efficiently and accurately, protecting critical network assets and intellectual property.


  • Delivers Full Network Visibility
  • Ensures Proactive Risk Management
  • Maintains Compliance
  • Reduces Endpoint Risk
  • Reduces Operational Expenses
  • Provides Enhances IT Productivity and Lowers Support Costs