URL Filtering

Challenge: In today's Enterprise, employees have access to sites full of distraction that takes time and attention away from work. Employees use Peer 2 Peer, streaming media and other high bandwidth protocol which put burden on network resources and is a risk for the Enterprise. This activity leads legal liability and lowers the productivity of employees.

Solution: A solution that prevents access to unauthorized or malicious web sites, protects your network from malware and other threats, blocking spyware and phishing sites, monitoring, Reporting etc.

intiGrow's Offering: intiGrow's URL filtering solution delivers powerful tool to manage internet access and block offensive websites, it filters content through a database which consist of millions of URL's. Policies can be set up based on group or users. Inspect SSL Encrypted Traffic, Visibility and Reporting


  • Security- enables real-time protection from emerging Web threats including malware, phishing and Zombies/bots
  • HR compliance/regulation – prevents browsing to questionable content like pornography and hate sites
  • Productivity – blocks or monitors sites to maximize employee productivity
  • Bandwidth regulation – identifies sites that consume an organization's bandwidth (e.g. movies, music)
  • Reduces legal liability