Privileged Identity Management

Defining Privileged Identities
Individual user credentials aren't the only type of logins present on an organizations network. The IT personnel who maintain servers, network components, and software use special passwords with elevated permissions needed to install new hardware and software, configure services, and service the IT infrastructure. These logins allow unrestricted access to view and change data, alter configuration settings, and run programs.

How critical is it?

Privileged Identities are the

  • Most powerful accounts in the organization
  • Most critical accounts with access to sensitive information
  • Rarely changed accounts but known to many administrators
  • Most critical but at the same time most diluted with no individual user accountability
  • Critical accounts that post higher risks while Auditor Findings and Compliance Costs

Need for Privileged Identity Management

Privileged users can be either the unsung heroes or the undiscovered villains within organizations, given their exclusive usage and access rights to critical corporate systems. The motivation to implement privileged identity management processes often starts with an immediate need to address negative audit findings, or with an executive mandate to improve an organization's GRC (governance, risk management and compliance) posture. The major business drivers for using Privileged Identity Management include

  • Lack of administrative accountability
  • Lack of effective, secure release controls
  • Limited implementation of strong inter-application authentication
  • Lack of monitoring of privileged activities and enforcement of privileged activity policies
  • Lack of change controls
  • Lack of consistency in password change policies
  • Limited auditing of privileged activities, approvals processes, privileged account access requests, privileged password changes, and/or strength/uniqueness
  • Mitigate Hackers and Malware
  • Lower Technical Staff Efficiency
  • Regulatory Penalties
  • Brand Reputation Damage
  • Business Continuity Damage

Privileged Identity Management implementation helps in mitigating all these challenges deeper by focusing on the privileged user environment within an organization.


intiGrow's comprehensive PIM Solutions gives complete control to organizations in setting the right policies and inter application Identity management policies, thereby ensuring security best practices to be employed in the proper monitoring and management of privileged accounts and privileged activities.
Our solution features include

  • Policy Management: Helping organization define and enforce life-cycle policies for privileged identities like need for access management, auditing, entitlement, notifications and automated management.
  • Password Storage: Enables secured password management with strong encryption and server security
  • Password Release: Supports in dual controlling to help achieve segregation of duties for various managed accounts
  • Password Update: Facilitates auto generation and updates the password and ensures strong random passwords to be generated routinely.
  • Inter-application Identity Management: Creating a secure environment for applications to authenticate databases and applications without complex credentials.
  • Auditing. Enables robust auditing for frequent process reconciliation and reporting
  • Easily integrated, plug-and-play architecture
  • Easy integration with verification and alerting system



intiGrow's Privileged Identity Management solution provides centralized management of shared and privileged accounts by providing offering integration services and support to get you started in privileged identity management.
Our solution benefits include

  • Centralized privileged identity management improves IT control and reduces risk
  • Intensively limit and control access to sensitive data
  • Automated sign on and check out simplifies usage and reduces cost
  • Complete enforcement of rigorous passwords/authentication
  • Encrypt consumer information when transmitted or stored
  • Conduct regular security investigations for unauthorized access
  • Customize privileged user and administrator profiles
  • Access to centralized dashboard for displaying privileged user data
  • Get Email notification on provisioning, deprovisioning, security alert etc
  • Access to usage analytics
  • enhances accountability and compliance with comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • Facilitates fulfilling audit requirements
  • Save cost with end to end management and reduction in ID's