IT/IT Enabled Services

Market View
IT/ITES organization dealing with international customers are expected to have strict adherence to compliance norms, and have intangible assets like source code to be protected, implement solutions for data leak prevention and customer management as imperatives. IT/ITES companies have been in the unique position of seeing rapid growth even as inflation grows and panic spreads across hiring circles. Companies, which deal with heavy source code related information, usually let employees access the information outside the offices through laptops and mobile phones. This information needs to be tracked, traced and monitored. . Some of the growing concerns of IT/ITES organizations continue to be:

  • Emergence of security breaches motivated by financial gain
  • Client apprehensions about business damage if there is a compromise of privacy or identity theft
  • Critical to maintain and demonstrate strong confidentiality processes
  • Increased security risk on account of suppliers, vendors and partners sharing a common network and information base
  • Ex-employees compromising security by exploiting ineffective internal systems and processes

How to protect your organization?
intiGrow helps organizations in meeting information compliance standards such as ISO27001 among many others. Our Security Consulting goes beyond traditional security measures. In addition to assisting Organizations in establishing best security practices, we partner organizations through the entire Information Security lifecycle assisting them in meeting ongoing security challenges and work with them in taking proactive steps to ensure the security and reliability of business systems. We help organizations to:

  • Implement organization wide information security policies and procedures to ensure that corporate information and assets are protected from unauthorized access, disclosure and modification.
  • Manage the security process and controls organization wide 24/7 and provide real time alerts and recommendations thereby ensuring proactive security measures and preventing disruption of service.

intiGrow's IT/ITES Security Solutions and Services
We starts with a process based approach, project planning and attention to detail. The approach has built in quality checks to ensure high quality delivery while adhering to project timelines. The deliverables are structured, clear and concise, it offers management not only a technological perspective, but as a business perspective for each recommendation.
intiGrow supports organizations by providing solutions like

  • Security Policy Deployment
  • Enterprise Security Management
  • Security Product Management
  • Education & Training