Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Challenge: Once networks are built and discovered the Risk for intrusion of those networks became a reality, putting corporate data at risk, thus resulting in malicious activity in the organizational Network

Solution: A network-based defense mechanism that identifies classifies and stops known and unknown threats to a network, including malware and directed attacks against servers, applications, clients and infrastructure components.

intiGrow's solution: intiGrow provides sophisticated solutions that can perform prevention and alerting, as well as correlation of potential intrusion events, offering the Security Administrator an understanding of the risks on their networks. Our Intrusion Detection and Prevention solutions meet both the regulatory and budgetary requirements of customers and are integration ready with network vulnerability scanners and log collection and correlation engines.


  • Security policy violation notifications, such as systems or users who are running applications against policy,
  • Monitor Infections, such as viruses or Trojan horses
  • Information leakage such as running spyware and key loggers, as well as accidental information leakage by valid users.
  • Protection from vulnerable services, access control, authentication, Prevents/stops attacks to the network