Infrastructure Penetration Testing

Challenge: With the number of business transactions growing exponentially, securing company assets and maintaining regulatory compliance is an ever-increasing, ever-changing challenge for organizations.

Solution: Perform actions, methodologies and testing that can help determine the holes or vulnerabilities on organization's network as a safe and controlled exercise.

intiGrow solution: intiGrow's security experts, highly skilled penetration testing specialists examine the current state of organizations infrastructure to assess the resilience of their security controls, and identifies all the ways that an attacker might use to gain unauthorized access. With the application of rigorous methodologies, the use of automated scanning tools, and manual techniques intiGrow specialists test for exploitable vulnerabilities that could allow unauthorized access to key information asset


  • Identifies vulnerabilities and risks on your networking infrastructure
  • Validates the effectiveness of current security safeguards
  • Quantifies the risk to internal systems and confidential information
  • Provides detailed remediation steps to prevent network compromise
  • Validates the security of system upgrades
  • Helps protect the integrity of online assets
  • Supports efforts to achieve and maintain compliance with industry and government regulations