Challenge: The Internet has made large amounts of information available to the average computer in business. For many people, having access to this information is no longer just an advantage, it is essential. Yet connecting a private network to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to malicious attack from anywhere in the world.

Solution: Protect organization network and company assets from outside attacks with Firewall Monitoring, Management and Maintenance that helps in discovering, controlling, visualizing, and protecting users, network applications, and infrastructure.

intiGrow's solution: intiGrow's firewall solution offers unprecedented levels of application control and threat protection. Advanced capabilities, such as application visualization, reputation-based global intelligence, automated threat feeds, encrypted traffic inspection, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, and content filtering, block attacks before they occur.


  • Controlled access to your company's resources
  • Increased employee productivity- By blocking unauthorized access from hackers
  • Helps prevent the loss of employee or valuable company data
  • Improves business resiliency
  • Protection from vulnerable services
  • Prevents/stops attacks to the network