Email security

Challenge: Businesses face a daily bombardment of email spam that consumes valuable IT staff time as well as end-user productivity. In addition, email is an attack vector for many types of security threats to businesses, including phishing, viruses, spyware, and malicious URLs.

Solution: A solution that organization's email environment against spam and malware while managing complex compliance policies and preventing confidential data leakage can be a daunting challenge.

intiGrow's Offerings: intiGrow's Secure Email Gateway provides total email content security through unified threat management, anti-spam, content security, policy enforcement and data leakage prevention. The solution filters all incoming and outgoing email at the perimeter and uses deep content inspection to scan all content, even within email attachments. Our solution is highly scalable, flexible, easy-to-manage and can be deployed as a standalone or a distributed solution designed to support the large networks.


  • Reduce training costs and lowers the expense of finding and discarding bad content
  • Readily react to evolving Internet-based threats
  • Optimize messaging throughput with content filtering
  • Ensure optimal IT performance through reduction in spam and viruses
  • Maintain control over sensitive business and personal data that can be inadvertently sent to customers and partners via email