Desktop security

Challenge: Current employee computing environment offers access to powerful applications and downloads, which can introduce new security challenges for corporate IT. Complex and increasing workplace- static and mobile leading to higher intrusion and security risks, impacting the organizations overall productivity, performance and increased cost of protection.

Solution: Innovative Solutions that can block unknown threats automatically and prevent malicious applications such as key loggers, password crackers, spywares, malwares from affecting the end points.

intiGrow Solution: intiGrow offers a desktop security solution that protects the internet gateway, network, and the desktop. This prevents the execution of unauthorized applications such as spyware, P2P file sharing, and hacking tools, while enabling flexible policy management of applications such as IM or remote access tools, which only designated users or groups should be allowed to use.


  • Gain Proactive protection
  • Stronger desktop / laptop security
  • Higher employee productivity
  • Easy deployment and administration
  • Flexible and auto-updations
  • Lower desktop management cost