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Code Analysis

Challenge: In application development, a small coding error can result in a critical vulnerability that ends up compromising the security of an entire system or network. Security vulnerability is not just caused by a single error, however, but rather by a sequence of errors that occur during the course of the development cycle: a coding error is introduced, it goes undetected during the testing phases, and available defense mechanisms do not stop a successful attack.

Solution: An analyzer that monitors whether the code meets uniform expectations around security, reliability, performance, and maintainability and at the same time delivering real-time results based on corporate policy. A solution that can generate “badness metrics”, giving management and analysts the information about the overall quality of the software.

intiGrow Offerings: intiGrow’s code analysis technology enables enterprises to test software more effectively and comprehensively, providing greater security for the organization. Our solution provides a higher degree of flexibility by supporting a wide range of vulnerability categories, OS platforms, programming languages and frameworks.


  • Centrally managed and highly automated
  • Superior Accuracy and Coverage
  • Virtually zero false-positives provide an effective solution to include in the SDLC
  • Large projects are scanned with high speed and accuracy
  • Ensure consistency across development languages, development teams, and third-party partners