Centralized Access Control

Challenge:  IT Departments are facing new challenges to meet increasing business demands like

  • Need to access enterprise applications globally anytime using any device
  • Creation of multiple user identities for multiple application access

Solution: Centralized Access Control is the key to leverage communication technologies, yet control and safeguard company information and resources in a more complex IT environment.

intiGrow's Offerings:
intiGrow provides centralize access control for all digital resources, eliminating the need for multiple software tools at various locations. Our one access solution fits all applications and information assets that includes support for major federation standards, including SAML, WS-Federation, and Liberty Alliance.


  • Helps in managing growth and complexity, control escalation management costs, and address the difficulties of implementing security policies across a wide range of Web and Application resources.
  • Helps in secure access to business-critical applications and data spread across the enterprise, allowing highly available, scalable transactions with partners, customers, suppliers, and employees.