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Application Vulnerability Scanning/Assessment

Challenges: The market for stolen personal information, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and passwords is flourishing and Internet criminals harvest information from insecure applications that haven't been tested appropriately. Applications at the same time are also becoming more complex as enterprises combine internally developed code with commercial off-the-shelf packages, third-party software, and open-source code. An attacker that exploits vulnerabilities in a application can gain access to highly sensitive data located deep within the enterprise.

Solution: An application security testing solution that offers an application security assessment mode that provides on-demand testing through an easy-to-use delivery model. A solutions that can enable in assessing an application’s current security posture and developing & implementing a comprehensive “Information Security Plan” compliant with industry regulations.

intiGrow Offerings: intiGrow’s Application Security Assessment provides an extensive and objective security analysis of organization’s internally developed or commercial applications that need to be secured from vulnerabilities that can lead to a compromise of sensitive data. Our security experts allows organizations to prioritize risk against business objectives so teams can address the most important flaws first and offers a higher level of accuracy by returning fewer false positives and delivering a more comprehensive analysis.


  • Expert analysis and validation by certified security experts.
  • Enables in weeding out the false positives, saving time and money.
  • Provide specific action steps and detailed plan on how to secure applications.
  • Provide knowledge transfer to internal security resources for future development.
  • Access to dedicated senior project team with global recognition in the security industry