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Application Firewall

Challenge: A typical network firewall can help restrict traffic, but this traffic can contain command exploits leveraging vulnerabilities in the application itself. These exploits can result in data leakage, site defacement and other attacks by hackers that compromise both the privacy and integrity of vital data. Businesses of all sizes that operate their own Web applications should ensure that their Web sites are protected against application vulnerabilities.

Solution: A set of application-specific policies that gives you granular control over network traffic on the level of users, email users, schedules, and IP-subnets. The primary functionality of this application-layer access control feature is to regulate Web browsing, file transfer, email, and email attachments.

intiGrow Offerings: intiGrow’s Application Firewall provides complete protection of applications and is designed to enforce policies for both internal and external data security standards. Our solution also features intelligent prevention functionality which allows you to create custom, policy-based actions like disabling an attachment, sending a custom block page, sending a custom email reply, redirecting an HTTP request, sending a custom FTP reply over an FTP control channel.


  • Rapid deployment with built-in intelligence
  • Offers high performance and transparent, drop-in deployment
  • Easily scalable in multi-application environments across multiple data centers
  • Facilitates compliance with PCI DSS Requirement
  • Opens timely communication between security, development and management teams