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Challenge: Spyware in the enterprise is already costing companies millions of dollars in lost time and productivity and money spent to address it. Organizations are seeking refuge from the onslaught of Spyware causing network drains, slow desktop responsiveness and the critical security threats caused by this hard-to-prevent threat.

Solution: An anti-Spyware solution for protection from increasingly sophisticated web-borne threats preventing spyware infections and security breaches from disrupting business-critical applications and services.

intiGrow Offering: intiGrow’s Anti-Spyware solution is an advanced multi-protocol Spyware detection system, providing protection from inbound as well as outbound threats, such as keystroke loggers attempting to send data to a criminal collection server on the Internet. Our Solution relies on deep packet inspection (DPI) technologies such as intrusion prevention, Anti-Virus signature matching and web content filtering. The result is an effective front-line deterrent for Spyware, regardless of where it originates.


  • Keep confidential information from leaking out of your organization by scanning user-generated content on all key web protocols.
  • Identify your organization’s usage trends, isolate problems, document inappropriate web activity, and comply with regulations.
  • Increased protection for remote teams and employees.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership and lower ongoing maintenance costs