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Challenge: With top cyber crime impacting both consumers and businesses, phishing has grown in volume and sophistication over the past several years. The down economy is providing a breeding ground for new, socially-engineered attempts to defraud unsuspecting business people and consumers.

Solution: Using of advanced transaction fraud prevention solutions, helping in protection of online businesses and enterprise applications from phishing attacks.

intiGrow Offering: intiGrow’s anti-phishing solution protects users by transaction behavior for activity associated with fraudulent activity. Our solution effectively handles the lifecycle of any phishing attacks, providing customers with the just-in-time help and the right protection when they need it most by integrating the power of 7x24 real time monitoring to rapidly identify, shut down, and recover from online scams that mislead customers through fraudulent use of their corporate identity


  • Enables significant reduction in the losses (financial and otherwise) that incur due to phishing-related fraud
  • Provide the ability to continue offering users a great online experience without having to impose any new constraints or requirements
  • Reduce legal exposure by blocking access to restricted sites
  • Keep networks and confidential information secure and available