Infrastructure Security

Desktop security

Challenge: Current employee computing environment offers access to powerful applications and downloads, which can introduce new security challenges for corporate IT. Complex and increasing workplace- static and mobile leading to higher intrusion and security risks, impacting the organizations overall productivity, performance and increased cost of protection.


Device and Network Monitoring

Challenge: As a business grows, its network grows not only in size and complexity, but also in significance and value. With a Valuable resource, ensuring its availability is essential, it's also challenging because of threats such as hackers, denial of service attacks, viruses, and information theft, all of which can lead to downtime, loss of data, and overall decreasing credibility and profitability



Challenge: The Internet has made large amounts of information available to the average computer in business. For many people, having access to this information is no longer just an advantage, it is essential. Yet connecting a private network to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to malicious attack from anywhere in the world.


IPS & Secure Web Gateways

Challenge: Browsing the Web has never been more dangerous. Each time employees browse the Web they may unwittingly download malware, Spyware and web-based viruses or may land up into Phishing Web site. Also the potential for Web misuse continues to increase as social media sites become more prevalent. And traditional web security solutions are often ineffective in combating these Web based threats.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Challenge: Once networks are built and discovered the Risk for intrusion of those networks became a reality, putting corporate data at risk, thus resulting in malicious activity in the organizational Network


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