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Application Security


Challenge: Online threats in the form of viruses, adware, spyware, Trojan horses and root kits are legion. A security breach at the business level doesn’t just mean a bit of downtime. An infection can produce irreparable damage by removing your archives or physically damaging computers. Adware and spyware go beyond being annoying when they compromise business security and unveil crucial information or trade secrets


Code Analysis

Challenge: In application development, a small coding error can result in a critical vulnerability that ends up compromising the security of an entire system or network. Security vulnerability is not just caused by a single error, however, but rather by a sequence of errors that occur during the course of the development cycle: a coding error is introduced, it goes undetected during the testing phases, and available defense mechanisms do not stop a successful attack.


Application Firewall

Challenge: A typical network firewall can help restrict traffic, but this traffic can contain command exploits leveraging vulnerabilities in the application itself. These exploits can result in data leakage, site defacement and other attacks by hackers that compromise both the privacy and integrity of vital data. Businesses of all sizes that operate their own Web applications should ensure that their Web sites are protected against application vulnerabilities.


Application Penetration Testing

Challenges: In recent years, web applications has grown dramatically popular, with organizations converting legacy mainframe and database systems into dynamic web applications These applications will expose customer information, financial data and other sensitive and confidential data over the Internet and intranet. With the accessibility of such critical data, web application security testing also becomes huge.


Application Vulnerability Scanning/Assessment

Challenges: The market for stolen personal information, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and passwords is flourishing and Internet criminals harvest information from insecure applications that haven't been tested appropriately. Applications at the same time are also becoming more complex as enterprises combine internally developed code with commercial off-the-shelf packages, third-party software, and open-source code. An attacker that exploits vulnerabilities in a application can gain access to highly sensitive data located deep within the enterprise.


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